Bench Bulletin

Before we had news from the Federal bench....


we could only check in on Fort Funston's Musical Bench!

There's something about that corner! That's the one with the rotating signs -- "closed for native plants", then no sign, then "closed for your safety"... at the "L" corner of the Sunset Trail near the Battery Davis tunnel. Now it's the benches that are changing.

A gripe that several people have mentioned concerns the new benches that were finally installed months after the previous benches, trash can and asphalt had been ripped out. It seems the benches are quite tall and uncomfortable.

But the other problem seems to have been fixed. The bench at the corner had for years faced the path, making for friendly conversation and a passing parade of dogs to watch. The new bench was inexplicably placed immediately next to the path -- but with its BACK to the passersby! Seemed like a good idea, surely, since the bench did look out through a gap to the ocean -- a good spot for whale-watching in season.

But people who need people -- and dogs -- preferred to sit facing the passersby. Miraculously, this request appears to have been granted, even if the bench is still not as comfy as the previous one.

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