Golden Gate Park's Transformation

"With an abundance of water the arid wastes were forced to surrender. Where sands had trickled through your fingers lawns began to sprout and flowers to bloom. Where stunted trees had struggled for an existence giants of the forest began to thrive. Where sun-baked sand had defied vegetation luxurious ferns began to grow. Where weeds had existed in depressed glades lakes began to appear. From the vast reservoir on Strawberry Hill there sprang into existence Huntington Falls, a water cascade of marvelous beauty. There was built Stow Lake, Spreckels Lake, Lloyd and Metson Lakes and a chain of smaller lakes and pools nestling in the woods. A surprise and delight to every visitor, Golden Gate Park has been transformed into one of the beauty spots of the world."

Fort Funston's dunes are beautiful and should not be developed. But how far back should we go in "habitat restoration" efforts in The City? Should Golden Gate Park be "reclaimed" and returned to the sand dune habitat it once was? Read this fascinating historical document from 1931, "Golden Gate Park: World Renowned", describing the bold vision of transforming Golden Gate Park into the delight that so many people enjoy today and every day.

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