"Off-Leash" Off Signs!


On Thursday, May 11, 2000, the two signs at Fort Funston which advised: "Pets on Leash or Under Voice Control" were gone. One sign, at the parking lot by the bulletin board, had been removed. The other, at the stoplight entrance on Skyline & John Muir Drive, had been carefully painted over in matching brown paint (see photos). Wonder what is the story here... (wait until the slide show begins with the photos changing above!

UPDATE: Re the change in signs at Fort Funston (all references to off-leash walking have been removed or painted over): we are not aware of any policy change to off-leash walking. Continue to enjoy Fort Funston with your well-behaved, off-leash dog - while you carry bags and a leash.      
              - Linda McKay, Fort Funston Dog Walkers