Statement on Off-Leash Dog Walking at Fort Funston

Recent and prior closures could represent a Park Service attempt to eventually eliminate all off-leash dogwalking at Fort Funston. Here is why off-leash dogwalking is a legal activity at Fort Funston:

Fort Funston has been a dogwalking park for almost 40 years. Hundreds of people and dogs visit its safe and beautiful open space every day of the year. There are almost no other such places left for healthy exercise in our crowded urban environment.

Legislation enabling the federal government to take control of Fort Funston from San Francisco in 1972 specifically included dogwalking as a recreational activity. Historical documents and testimony establish that off-leash dogwalking was a legitimate recreational activity when Fort Funston was transferred to the National Park Service.

Therefore, off-leash dogwalking rights may not be taken away at Fort Funston without public input.

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