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Don't worry, everyone's a birder here! You don't need an impressive Life List, just an interest in the birds of Fort Funston. Since it's bank swallow (Riparia riparia) season, we'll start out with these fascinating birds.

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If you love dogs, you know how endlessly fascinating it is to watch other species in action! There are so many behaviors that have evolved to perfectly suit each creature. Let's enjoy the presence of the bank swallow population at Fort Funston, as we learn more about their habits.

The swallows have just arrived from South America for their annual nesting season over the next few months here in the steep cliffs of Fort Funston. They'll be laying eggs at the back of their yard-long burrows in the cliffs, and feeding on insects primarily above Lake Merced.

Although not too common along the California coast, bank swallows are much more plentiful along inland rivers such as the Sacramento, and even more are to be found in other states and countries.

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- Michael B. Goldstein, Editor, Fort Funston Forum

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