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GGNRA WatchDog

Welcome to My Website
by Michael B. Goldstein, March 14, 2000

March 4, 2000 Demonstration Photo
Fence Protest Photos -- March 4th, 2000
Over 150 photos of those to be fenced-out
Court Report
Treasure trove of public documents from
Federal case against National Park Service
"Open These Gates", Says Brief
Court orders gates stay open short of "emergency"
First day in court for dog walkers' lawsuit -- March 14, 2000
Reply Brief Highlights
April 10, 2000
"The Park Service has made a complete end-run
around this lawsuit by declaring this emergency"

Judge's remarks at injunction hearing on April 14, 2000
Motion for Contempt      due to Park Service's Initial Refusal to
Open Areas After Bank Swallows Left, Pending Rulemaking
Closed Areas Re-Opened!
Into the Promised Land!
Ribbon-cutting at opened areas.
Proposed Closure at Fort Funston
Complete Text and Map
Poor Notice  Park Service's limited, late & inconspicuous
Notice of proposal and comment period.

GGNRA Advisory Commission Meeting
Non-Agenda Item Comments Heard -- March 21, 2000

GGNRA Advisory Commission
Closure Proposal Comments Heard -- August 29, 2000
Controversy at Fort Funston
Press Release by Fort Funston Dog Walkers on March 2, 2000
Help Make History!
Action Alert
Background & resources
What's Happening at Fort Funston
and What You Can Do About It

How Do You Feel About the Proposed Closure?

Dog Walkers Fight Fort Funston Closures!
Urban Recreation at Stake
Fort Funston in Jeopardy
Background & actions to take

Misc. addresses for letters

Sample Letters & Petition
in Web, Word & PDF formats
Sample Letter to GGNRA
Clean-Up Days at Fort Funston
First Saturday of each month
Fort Funston Shirts & Bandannas Available
Bench Bulletin
Statement on Off-Leash Dog Walking at Fort Funston
Letter to City Officials from Lydia Boesch
Details on City's interests in Fort Funston
Board of Supervisors' Hearings on Fort Funston
Leland Yee, Tom Ammiano, Sue Bierman
Critical Mutt Dolores Park
Letters on Fort Funston and GGNRA off-leash policy in general
"Off-Leash" Off Signs!
Crissy Field ... Crissy Heeled?
Voice control signs removed
Two More Acres - photo of extra two acres
Proposed to be closed
"Closure Creep" Animated Map
Watch a park being closed, piece-by-piece
Spurious Trail Closure
Sand on trail, everybody out!
Rotating Closure Signs & Reasons
Battery Davis closure sign swapping
Initial Bank Swallow Closure Sign
Explanation was for the birds...
They're Back!
Bank Swallows Return
Gate Accompli
"Seasonal" Closure Begins April 12, 2000
Bank Swallow Burrows Photo
Firecrackers at Bank Swallow Habitat
Quail Questions
Fort Fenced-In
Ugly fences mar viewscape
Rudy's Walk
Stroll through the area proposed to be closed
Where's the Science?
Earth Day 2000 Editorial
The Non-Empirical's New Close
Questions, assumptions, empirical evidence & solutions
The Bureau that Cried Wolf
Emergency Closure's End Run Around Lawsuit
Park Service Mourns Crash Victims
Don't Blame the Ranger!
Bluff Failures on the Sunset Trail
Park Service Serves Up Unequal Access
Sunset Trail on A.D.A.'s Birthday
My Heart is Broken
Sunset Trail Access Denied, by J. Davis
An Enchanting Walk with Scout
and Four or Five Swallows at Fort Funston

by Christy Cameron
Dancing with Bank Swallows: A Bird Dog's Tale
by Linda Shore
Some Thoughts on Fort Funston
by Linda Shore
Closed. Permanently. Thoughts on a stolen treasure.
by Lee Walker, Michael B. Goldstein
When Does the Past Begin?
by R. Gene Geisler
Golden Gate Park's Transformation
From sand dunes to world famous city park.
"Don't Fence Us Out!" Song
Lyrics and MIDI Music